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Carly is a given name, a feminine form of Carl.[1] It is also a pet form of given names such as Carla. Variant different spellings include Carley, Carlie, Carlee, Carleigh and Carli,[1] as well as Karly, Karli, Karley, Karlee and Karlie.

The name became popular in large part, if not primarily, because of the success of Carly Simon's music in the 1970s - its first appearance in the top 1000 US baby names was in 1973, soon after her first success.[citation needed] It was most popular in the UK, Canada and Australia in the 1980s and in the United States during the 1990s.[citation needed] Over 2,000 American baby girls were named Carly each year between 1991-1998.[citation needed]

Carly and its variants may refer to:



  • "Carly Phillips", pen name of American novelist Karen Drogin (born 1965)

Fictional characters[edit]


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